Fitness is very important for our life, because it is the way to have a good life. Healthy people need to do excercises, and eat healthy food , so they will get more healthy years in their life.
If people don´t take care of their body they can't feel mentally well. Some of them take ciugarretes to smoke , or liqueurs to drink so they get stress.
Their is a truth "shape works" if you don't buy unhealthy food you can't eat it.
Some fitness programs have people who give advice on how to eat well, like fruits , vegetables , calcium. If somebody needs this service call to the company and they bring the service home and check all you get to eat.

Source of information: books of Herbalife.

First Name: Melanie

Last Name:Chinchayán Díaz
Personal Fitness
Presently, do you exercise on a regular basis? If yes, describe the exercise routine:
First, I do
adominals, sometimes I go for a walk with my mom.
How many days per week do you exercise?
I do exercise all the days only that not all the days, I go for a walk.
How many minutes each day?
Like 30 or 20 minuts per day.

What exercises do you most enjoy?
I like going for a walk.

What exercises do you least enjoy?
I don't like very much the adominals.
Do you watch TV/ play video games or stay on the computer for more than two hours per day?
no,I do not see t.v 2 hours per day.
Diet and Nutrition

How would you describe your daily nutritional habits? Unhealthy? Erratic? Healthy?

I think that sometimes I am Erratic.
How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?
Four times a week I eat vegetables and I eat fruit all days.
How often do you eat at fast food restaurants?

Two times a month.
List any medications you take on a regular basis. Include vitamins and supplements.
I take vitamis called Gumyvit.
Medical History

Are you currently under a doctor’s care? If yes, explain why.

No, I am not under a doctor's care
When was the last time you had a physical examination?
The last time I had a physical examination was in 2006.
Have you recently been hospitalized? If yes, explain why.

No, I dosen´t been hospitalized recently.
Do you have a grandparent, parent, or sibling who, prior to age 55 has had:
a heart attack?
No, nnobody of my parents have a hart attack.
a stroke?
No,nobody in family had have a stroke.
high blood pressure?
My grandfather, the father of my father.
high cholesterol?
My father has high cholesterol and my grandmother, part of my father.
Weight (obesity) problems?
No, nobody of my parents have problems with the weight.